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       Born in Holguin,Cuba,1976

       Live in Louisville,KY,USA




  •   1987-1991- Vocational School of Art “Raúl Gómez García”. Holguin. Cuba

  •   1991-1995- Academy of Visual Arts “El Alba”. Holguin. Cuba


        1995 - Graduated in Painting, Drawing ,Photography and Artistic Weaving.



  •   1998 - 2001 – Fine Art Teacher in Vocational School of Art “Raúl Gómez García”. Holguin. Cuba.


  •   2001 - 2004 – Drawing Teacher in School of Art Instructors. Holguin. Cuba.


2021: PERPETUAL CONTOURS .Revelry Boutique Gallery,Louisville,KY.                                 2019: EPIC JOURNEY .Revelry Boutique Gallery,Louisville,KY

2018: DIVINE SHADOWS .Revelry Boutique Gallery,Louisville,KY

2016: SLEEPLESS ILLUSIONS .Revelry Boutique Gallery, Louisville, KY

2014: UNCERTAIN SEASONS .Revelry Boutique Gallery, Louisville, KY

2013: WINDOWS TO ANOTHER WORLD .Revelry Boutique Gallery, Louisville, KY

2008: JULIO CESAR-PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS. Chamber of Commerce.Mount Dora,FL.

2007: THE WATCHMAN DISCOVERIES. Espacio 304, San Juan Puerto Rico

2007: THE WATCHMAN DISCOVERIES .La Periquera Museum.Holguín.Cuba.

2007: THE WATCHMAN DISCOVERIES . Colonial Art Museum.Habana.Cuba.

2006: HIDDEN APPEARANCES .Iberoamérica Gallery .Holguín. Cuba.

2005: REVEALED SECRETS, Guayasamin Gallery, Old Havana, Cuba

2004: DREAMER WITHOUT CAGE .Center of Visual Art.Holguin.Cuba

2004: DREAMER WITHOUT CAGE . Center for the Art and Design Luz y Oficios.Habana.Cuba.

2004: THE INNOCENCE MAGICIAN .Espacio 304.San Juan. Puerto Rico.

2003: THE LOST INNOCENTS .Fausto Gallery. Holguín. Cuba.

2002: SETTING IN SCENE .Espacio 304.San Juan. Puerto Rico.

2002: SETTING IN SCENE . Great Theater of Havana. Cuba

2002: SETTING IN SCENE . Center for the Arts. Holguin Cuba

2001: MY CONVICTION . San Francisco de Asís Convent. Havana Cuba.

2000: TRANSFIGURATION'S OF AN UNEXPECTED NATURE . Hotel Pernik Gallery. Holguín Cuba

1998: TRIBUTES . Hotel Pernik Gallery. Holguin. Cuba.

1997: DRAWINGS AND PAINTINGS . Center for the Arts. Holguín Cuba

1996: THE BEAUTIFUL WORK OF THE TENACIOUS THING' .Pedagogical Institute. Holguín Cuba.

1994:THE OTHER FACES OF CURRENCY . Vocational Art School “Raúl Gómez Garcia”.Holguin. Cuba



        2019: KENTUCKY NUDE BIENNIAL , Lexington Art League,KY.

        2018: VISIONS OF POWER , 1619 Flux Gallery,Louisville,KY.

        2017: KENTUCKY REGIONAL EXHIBITION , MANIFEST Gallery,Cincinnati,OH.

        2016: OPEN STUDIO JURIED EXHIBITION , Cressman center for Visual Arts,Louisville,KY.

        2016: THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN ,Revelry Boutique Gallery,Louisville,KY.

        2016: NAVIGATE EXHIBITION ,1619 FLUX Gallery,Louisville,KY.

        2012: WOMAN: DRIVING FORCE OF INSPIRATION, Chamber of Commerce, Maitland, FL.


        2011- PERSPECTIVES, Conceptos y Formas Gallery, Hialeah, FL.

        2010: NUDE NITE SHOW , Tampa,FL.

        2009: CELEBRATING HISPANIC ART, OSCEOLA CENTER for the Arts,Kissimmee,FL.

        2008: ANNUAL JURIED DRAWING SHOW,Osceola Center for the Arts,Kissimmee,FL.

        2007- GROUP EXHIBITION PAINTING, Espacio 304, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

        2006- HOLGUIN PAINTING, Fausto Cristo Gallery, UNEAC, Holguin, Cuba.

        2005- SONG FOR LIFE, Cuban Artists, Gibara Gallery, Gibara, Cuba.

        2005: ANCESTRAL REVELATIONS, Villena Gallery, Old Havana,Cuba.

        2004: A MULTIPLE LOOK TO THE CUBAN ART , Regia Gallery,Monterrey,Mexico.

        2004- DECORART, Decor Art Exhibition Local Artists, Pernik Hotel Gallery, Holguin, Cuba.

        2003- THE OTHER IMAGE, 4 Young Artists in Pernik Hotel Gallery, Holguin, Cuba.

        2002: VISIONS OF THE CARIDAD DEL COBRE, 31 Cuban Artists, Americas Museum,San Juan,                           Puerto Rico.

        2000- STATE OF GRACE, Cuban Artists Exhibition, St. Isidoro Cathedral, Holguin, Cuba.

        1999: CONTEMPORARY CUBAN ART, Cities of Italy.

        1997- THE SEED OF MUSTARD, St. Isidoro Cathedral, Holguin, Cuba.



        -Illustration of the book WORM SILK by Ruben Rodriguez, 2007.

        -Illustration of the book WAITING ROOM by Luis Yuseff, 2005

        -Illustration of the book MY NAME WAS ANTONIO BROCCARDO by Luis Yusseff, 2004.

        -Group Illustration of the book THE WINMS OF FANTASY by Evelina Cardet, 2004.

        -Mural OUR PIECE OF PEACE, St. Fost de Campsentelles City Festival, Barcelona, Spain, 2004.

        -Illustration of the book ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD by David Cherician, 2003.

        -Illustration of the book MAJA NO PARE CABALLO by Ruben Rodriguez, 2003.

        -Illustration of the book DEATH AND TRANSFIGURATION by Abilio Estevez, 2002.

        -Illustration of the book EROS DEL ESPEJO by Ruben Rodriguez, 2002.

          COLLECTIONS:  Private collections in Cuba,Canada,Spain,China,Argentina,Belgium,Panama,

         Puerto Rico,USA,Mexico,Italy,Germany,Dominican Republic,Ukraine and other countries.



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