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"I describe my work as a mixture of figuration and expressionism with an air of surrealism, where I project my individuality as a creator poetically and philosophically. I am interested in the connection between man and nature and everything that connects to both. I recreate this in a symbolic way and convert them into a scene with characters in ambiguous situations.

This sample of my most recent work is a philosophical approach to those formal-poetic visions with which I'm reviewing my life. Each work becomes an illusion of alternate reality where I have fun with my unconscious and dialogue with my memories and shared memories, in order to build an illusory present.

In my creative process I have fed endless trends and confluent areas that I have accompanied on this trip inside, and I've been immersed in denouncing unique sensibility and peculiar thought those subjective cues to leave a mark on my passage through this world. I feel like an installer of realities and my works are connected to each stoking my privacy and every space where I live.

When I'm painting I feel my mind is opened as a theater stage and my staging begins to establish itself with its own lights and shadows, colors and strokes, and then them going to bed trying to sleep with that huge dark hat is the night. It is in this process where I feel I still perched at that stage ... ..floating in my paintings.

From that I started to find my identity and prominence through artistic creation, the physical and conceptual relationship between humanity and nature and it became the starting point. My work is a recreation symbolic of my personal experiences, the reflection of my life at the same time of my joys and sorrows, my loneliness and nature seasons. Any of my exhibitions is to present my intimate works from silence, there where struggle with my own angels to break free from everyday life and thus recreate my passage through this world. My works are the ideal medium for channeling my interiority as creator, are windows that open to the world, so becoming the exact connection between the viewer and the artist... and in the end, both witness the magic.

When I am creating I feel locked up in a cage with clouds, they help me to hold me on the tightrope of real life and is when I feel the exact balance... the doors of my intellect. My love for painting holds me, makes me play attached to a brush, is the only time where the magicians savor their perfect trick."

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